Refund Policy

Last Updated and Effective: March 3rd, 2023

We appreciate the loyalty of our clients and treat them with respect.

This Refund Policy is designed to show our commitment to our clients and guarantee they always obtain quality services from our platform. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the services provided, we explain below how you can request a refund.

  1. Order cancellation

If you cancel your order before the content creator has worked on it, please contact our customer support for a refund of your payment minus the service fee. You can still seek a partial refund even if the content creator has already begun processing your order. When you exercise your right of cancellation and refund, the amount of your refund depends on how much text the content creator has produced.

Please note that you cannot cancel the order after it has been completed and delivered.

  1. Identical payments

It is possible for our clients to pay twice for the same order unintentionally. Should it happen, please send us a request and we will refund the excess amount to your account.

We advise you to review all of your orders carefully, and always contact our support team as soon as you notice any unintended overpayments.

  1. Identical orders

We strongly encourage you to contact our support team immediately and report if you accidentally submitted and paid for identical orders. Upon receiving your notification, we will reimburse your account using our service or the payment method of your choice.

Please be aware that in the following cases we will process your order as if you requested two different content creators to produce two different texts with the same instructions:

  • You do not notify our support team of the issue;
  • You do not submit your request for a refund.
  1. Absence of a relevant content creator

We have one of the market’s largest pools of content creators. However, in rare cases, when there is no immediate match between your order and a content creator or when you need a large amount of text to be produced fast, the content creator may not be available to handle your request. Please remember that we prioritize our clients’ orders and do our best to fulfill their requests. If the above scenario occurs, we will give you a full refund at your request.

  1. Late order delivery

We take delivery deadlines extremely seriously. Hence, in rare situations, we may not meet your deadline. Should it happen, you are entitled to a full refund. However, this rule does not apply to orders that meet the following criteria:

  • Partially paid orders;
  • Orders without specific instructions or with incomplete instructions;
  • Orders awaiting further instructions.

You must always provide us with your most current contact information so we can reach you and ask for any additional information that we require.

We will contact you if your order deadline is about to be missed, and we will ask for an extension. If the extension is granted, the total order price will be changed, and the excess funds will be reimbursed.

  1. Dissatisfaction with our services

If you feel that the content quality does not meet your expectations, you can ask for a revision or request that we find another content creator or proofreader for your order. In this scenario, you will not be charged for the reassignment of your order.

If none of the above options satisfies you, we can issue a full refund to your account upon your request. If you select this option, please let us know what in writing did not meet your expectations. We pay special attention to such issues and ensure responsible content creators are fairly evaluated in all cases.

Please be aware that if you receive a full refund from us, you forfeit the ability to utilize the produced copy. It becomes the property of VisioContent.

Refund requests for any other issues not covered by this Refund Policy will not be processed and will be rejected.

  1. Late revision

To deliver orders slightly ahead of the deadline, we regularly create additional internal deadlines as part of our dedication to client satisfaction.

We recommend checking your email notifications periodically for updates on the status of your order. If you examine the order in a timely manner and ask for a revision, we will immediately set up a revision deadline.

If for any reason we do not deliver the revised text to you on time, you are entitled to a refund. However, depending on the individual circumstances, the amount to be reimbursed may vary.

Should you have any questions regarding this Refund Policy, please contact us at [email protected].